About us

Green Row is a US based firm with its manufacturing units in India. With over 10 years of manufacturing and international trade experience, we have created extensive product lines to meet the requirements of our North American (US & Canada) and Mexican markets.

Our product lines include – Plastic products for cosmetic industry, household plastic products, cookware (nonstick, ceramic & hard anodized), kitchen appliances (mixer-grinder), baby products (baby wipes, bottles, feeders, sippy cups, teethers, baby grooming, utensils, bibs), glassware (bottles - with and without silicon sleeves, cups, jars, jugs, containers). We also deal with compostable straws (eco-friendly & non-plastic).

All our products are globally certified and meet the US, Canada, and Mexican certification requirements. Our products are high quality, comparable to that of the leading brands in the market.  

At Green Row our priority is quality of our products and satisfaction of our clients.